14 Jan 2020

With the introduction of extra points for being single or having a skilled spouse or de facto partner, and even more again for one with competent English or state sponsorship, some migrants points totals are rocketing. But when is the best amount of points to submit your EOI with?

With the points minimum set to stay at the current 65 points for the foresee able future, the best point score to submit your EOI is as soon as you hit the migration law minimum.

However with some applicants earning points scores of 90 or 85 points and these being given priority over applicants who have only received a score of 65 points, all applicants submitting an EOI should update it when any extra points are awarded for years experience or English tests.

Submissions of applications for the EOI are free, as are updates to them after they have been submitted.

Use the point calculator on the ImmiMe website or download the app today to find out your current point score, and which visa is best for you.