08 Jan 2020

Melbourne is the capital and most populous City of the state of Victoria. The city stretches up the coastline of Port Philip in to the hinterlands towards Dandenong and Macedon ranges, the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley. Famous for it’s ‘four seasons in one day’ weather conditions can often change unexpectedly within a single day.

Choosing where to live in Melbourne depends on the type of lifestyle you are wanting. You can live by the bay, or in the city unpretentious but vibrant north east. The bustling retail centre with it’s trendy cafes and restaurants or the leafy suburbs, perfect for families. With a welcoming multicultural vides, you’ll find pockets of Greek, Italian, Chinese and Indian residents across the city.

Heres just a snap shot of some of the areas to consider:

St Kilda
Located 6km south-east of Melbourne city centre, St Kilda is a beachside inner suburb. With a diverse past including being favoured by the elite in Victorian and Edwardian times, a red light district with low-cost rooming at the turn of the last century to the bohemianism in the 1960’s. Now an eclectic suburb it is peppered with both palatial mansions, Art Deco and apartments, and grand period homes.
The median weekly rent is $371 while mortgage monthly repayments are $2,000.

Albert Park
Albert park is located 3km south of Melbourne CBD. It has great transport connections to the city, 17 mins by car and 24 mins on public transport. The housing in the area follows a Victorian era style, with the famous St Vincent Place Precinct, based on Londons ‘square’ developments where terrace house surround a locked communal park for residence's only.
The median weekly rent is $500, while the monthly mortgage repayments are $2,500.

Port Melbourne
5km from Melbourne’s centre, the commute to the CBD by car will take 17 mins or 25 mins on public transport. With a working class history, it now boasts brand new apartments in sleek multi-story buildings and converted warehouses.
The median weekly rent is $496, and the monthly mortgage repayments are $2,500.

This bayside suburb, located 13 km south-west of Melbourne CBD, is a short trip into the city (28mins by car and 37 on public transport). An part of the large suburb of Altona, this coastal town also boasts gorgeous
The median weekly rent is $351, and monthly mortgage repayments are $2,000.

Originally Melbourne first sea port, Williamstown is now a popular beachside suburb with heritage charm and both period style and modern homes. Located 9km south west of the CBD, its a 28 min drive and 41 min public transport commute.
The median weekly rent is $370 and mortgage repayments are $2,210 a month.

These are just a few places in Melbourne to explore when finding your perfect home.

Information based on the areas in the 2016 Census.