10 Dec 2019

Hobart is the capital, and most populous city of the Australian island state of Tasmania. With approximately 40% of Tasmania population living in the Hobart area. Founded in 1804 as a British penal colony, Hobart, formerly known as Hobart town or Hobarton, is Australias second oldest capital city after Sydney.

Penal transportation ended in the 1850’s, after which the city experienced periods of growth and decline, until the early 20th century the economy boomed back in mining, agriculture and other primary industries while the loss of men who served in the world wars was counteracted by an influx of immigration.

Today Hobart is the hub of tourism for Tasmania with millions of visiter each year.

Population 222,356 (2016)

Average weekly household income $1,234
Average Monthly Mortgage Payments $1,402
Average weekly rent $260

Employed full time 53.2%
Employed part time 35.2%

Professionals 22.6%
Technicians and Trades 13.3%
Clerical and Administrative 14.7%
Managers 11.3%
Community and Personal Services 12.8%
Sales Workers 9.7%
Labourers 9.2%
Machinery Operations and Drivers 4.5%

Information based on the Hobart area in the 2016 Census.