05 Jan 2020

While lifestyle might be a the top of many visa seeking migrates lists of reason to make the move, they are also drawn in by the many well-paid jobs that are on offer.

Here is look at the 5 areas that are being pegged as the highest jobs for 2020:

1, IT Sector
Australia is the same as the rest of the world with IT salaries strides in front of other industries. According to Seek (one of Australias leading job sites) expects in IT can expect to earn about $139k per year, with even junior roles starting on great salaries in one of the Australian IT Companies.

There are, of course, in-demand skills and positions which require great expertise such as Systems Architects, Cloud Engineers and Security managers that have inflated salaries.

2, Legal and Accounting
As with the rest of the world Lawyers and legal work attract large salaries in Australia. Australian lawyers can earn $135l per year on average.

3, Engineering
In Australia Engineering, Construction and Energy Sector jobs offer above average salaries. The Highest earners in these roles area area project managers and team managers, who can expect to earn anywhere between $130k -$135k per year.

4, Physician
Doctors although number 4 of our list can actually be some of the highest paid jobs in Australia, depending on region as some offer bigger salary compensations due to the higher demand for doctors in regional areas. On average a doctor will earn $100k per year.

5, Human Resources
What was once a lower-paying field of work has now become one of the top priorities of big Australian companies. Since talent and employee relations are the cornerstone of any organisation, companies invest more money in HR staff then before. HR persons are also often expected to work on the company’s morale and atmosphere, as well as the well-being of each individual employee. Wellbeing Managers can earn around 110k per year.