16 Dec 2019

The Australian Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business has released their Traffic Light Bulletin on potential changes to the skilled occupation lists for Immigration purposes.

There are proposed changes that are very interesting, including the the removal and down-grating of some trade occupations and the addition of personal and care related occupations.

The Traffic light system works as thought, Red are proposals for removals, Orange for down grades from the medium/long to short term lists or movement to the Regional list, and Green are proposed additions.

Red Occupations
Standing out from the rest of the proposed removals are Hairdresser, Massage Therapist and Community worker, which have all previously been popular amongst migrants and in demand in Australia.

Orange Occupations
These are occupations that have been proposed to move between the three occupation lists.
Short -term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)
Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
Regional Occupation List (ROL)

Proposed to be down graded from the MLTSSL to the STSOL include Automotive Electricians and motorcycle Mechanics, Painting Trades Workers, and Wall and Floor Tilers.

Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson and Real Estate Representative are among the occupations proposed to move from the ROL to the STSOL, opening these occupations up for employers in non regional areas to sponsor.

Proposed to move from the STSOL to the MLTSSL and giving applicants a pathway to permanent residency are Sales and Marketing Manager, ICT Project Manager, and Information and Organisation Professionals.

Moving from the STSOL to the ROL and limiting the applicants to living and working in regional areas could be Geologist. While Procurement Manager and Ship’s Master could jump for regional areas (ROL) to the MLTSSL.

Green Occupations
The proposal is to add some occupations that have been missing for the lists for some time, all of which would need a mandatory skill assessment, these include Aged or Disabled Carer, Nursing Support Worker, and Personal Care Assistant.

It is also proposed that the department recommends that minimum salaries are implemented for Bakers, Pastry Cooks, and Fitter and Turners, this would be set at $65,000 pa.

At the moment these are all proposals for the update to the occupation list that will take place in March 2020. There is no guarantee that these changes will happen, or that other won’t take place. To view all proposed changes please visit the Department of Employment Skills, Small and Family Business website https://www.employment.gov.au/news/traffic-light-bulletin-outlining-proposed-changes-skilled-migration-occupation-lists-has-now